Inspirations Garage Doors:

A stunning range of stylish finger safe aluminium frame garage doors with a wide selection of composite inserts for you to match with your home.

W & H's innovative Inspirations range of garage doors offers over a hundred different garage doors for you to choose from. You simply look at the facade of your home and decide what style would best suit - choose your frame in a timber look, silver or black and then match it with the insert which fits in best with the look you want.

The finished garage door will look architect inspired and if you feel creative for a small premium W & H can powder coat your frame any colour and glaze in customised inserts.

Not only will you get a stunning looking garage door but you will also get one with improved safety with our finger safe extrusion. At W & H we think not only about giving your home a stunning look but also about you and your family.

Innovative extrusion design:

The innovative finger safe extrusion design provides a symmetrical structure irrespective of the size of the opening and can be supplied as standard in timber grain, anotec silver grey or black, or powder coated to match the standard range of BlueScope® Colorbond® Colours or any other colour you may choose.

Extensive range of inserts:

W & H offers a standard range of inserts including Opal, Light / Dark Grey Acrylic, Aluminium Composite Panel or any other custom material you or your architect may choose which can be glazed into the frame. Create the look that you want to customise your home to suit your taste and surroundings.

Finger Safe Design:

W & H's Inspirations aluminium sectional garage doors feature a curved finger proof joint for added safety. This unique design not only safeguards your family against serious injury, it also seals out elements that can penetrate conventional aluminium garage doors. For added safety you can also install a photo eye beam.

A custom garage door for not much more:

Your garage door is often the most visible aspect of your home but we are all budget conscious so by creating a standard range we have been able to offer a complete range of custom garage doors for not much more than a standard garage door.

W & H Rollerdoors specialises in residential & commercial garage doors. We service the Western Victorian region from Keilor extending our services right through to Geelong. Our office is located in Ballarat which is central to our service regions.

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